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Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.

Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)

Herbs are nature’s naturally concentrated pharmaceuticals that work simultaneously on physical, emotional, and energetic levels – nature’s green holistic pharmacy

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Balance of the Body, Mind and Spirit



Homemade All-Natural Organic Remedies



Pain & Stress Management

Welcome to

Complete Wellness Remedies

Natural remedies and holistic services that aims to re-balance the body and mind to enhance the natural healing process. 

We specialize in pain and stress management, through my herbal remedies and Auriculotherapy.

Are you sick and tired of taking pill after pill to feel some type of relief but is causing other problems?

This is where I come in, I will teach you and guide you through the natural herbal remedies and therapies to boost your immune system into healing naturally.

We also offer holistic therapies and programs that can help with many physical and emotional concerns such as our most popular service Auriculotherapy with Earseeds, and a  Weight loss and Gut health program

Why are Herbs so

Important to your Health?

Maintain a state of balance where all areas of your mind, body and soul is in harmony with each other. Using herbs every day for your health and for longevity.

Empower Your Inner Healer

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