Herbal Services

Herbs are nature’s naturally concentrated pharmaceuticals that work simultaneously on physical, emotional, and energetic levels – nature’s green holistic pharmacy

Full Herbal Consultation


60-minute herbal consultation that includes complete health assessment and discussion, detailed diet and lifestyle recommendations, and custom-blended herbal formulas created for your specific needs.  



  • Book your appointment
  • Fill out an online health assessment via email
  • When I receive your filled out forms. I will take about 2-4 days to go over your forms to come up with an herbal medicinal formula/tea/or other recommendations
  • We will go over your results via zoom or phone


Price  $180 (custom blends are not included)


We will go over our last discussion, diet and lifestyle changes and the recommendations that I suggested for you and through this consult I might have to reformulate, as needed.

 Virtually Only via zoom or phone

 Price: $100

Custom Blend Ordering

30-Minute Herbal consultation that includes:

  •  Health assessment via email
  • Custom-blended herbal formula(s) created for your specific needs.
  • It might be a customized tea or a tincture formula mailed directly to you
  • virtually only. 


 Price: $100 (Includes 1 herbal product)


This is for those who want a little advice and some herbal suggestions to get started in the right direction.

What it includes:

  •  Brief discussion of what herbal remedy that will be good for your health concern
  • How to make your own herbal remedies with my guideance.
  • 30 minutes via zoom or phone chat


Price: $85