Breathe Easy Tincture


Herbs Beneficial for the Respiratory System, Soothing irritated nasal passages and airways.



Herbs Beneficial for the Respiratory System

 Soothing irritated nasal passages and airways.

 Acting as an expectorant that helps break up and expel chest congestion.

 Relaxing the muscles near the upper respiratory system to quell a cough.

 Calming the release of histamines.

 Deterring the harmful organisms that produce upper respiratory issues.

 Providing a source of antioxidants to reduce oxidative damage and redness.


Lungwort: lungwort has been used to promote lung and respiratory health and clear congestion. Lungwort also contains compounds that are powerfully effective against harmful organisms that affect respiratory health.

Thyme: Wild thyme has been used since antiquity as a remedy for viral lung infections. It is still widely used today to prevent and treat respiratory tract infections, lung congestion, and viral bacterial infectious pneumonia. The reason is that wild thyme is one of the most powerful natural antibiotic and antiviral herbs. It naturally produces strong antiseptic oils known for antibiotic and antifungal properties. This makes wild thyme one of the best herbs for viral lung infections.

Nettle: A chlorophyll-rich plant dense with nourishment. it is a powerful detoxifying, blood building tonic that can be used daily for overall vitality, even when pregnant or nursing. also indicated for arthritis, myalgia, allergies, eczema, anemia, bleeding, hemorrhage, inflammation and any issue of the kidneys or excretory (+skin) system.

Marshmallow: As a demulcent and diuretic in diseases involving mucous membrane irritation and catarrh such as acute dysentery, diarrhea, kidney, bladder, and respiratory inflammation. Also applied topically in the form of poultice for painful and inflammatory tumors, swellings, bruises, burns, scalds, or infections.

Plantain: has been used for hundreds of years to ease cough and soothe irritated mucous membranes. Clinical trials have found it favorable against cough, cold, and lung irritation.

Plantain leaf has a bonus in that it may help relieve a dry cough by spawning mucus production in the lungs.

DIRECTIONS: Take 20-30 drops 2-3x per day as needed, in juice or tea. Take it when you start feeling slightly under the weather, feel a cold or breathing issues coming on.

Don’t take it as an everyday regimen. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before taking or on medications.

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