Calm PMS Tincture


regulate the menstrual cycle, address (PMS), balance hormones, relieve PMS discomforts and pain


INGREDIENTS: Red Raspberry, Nettle, Chaste berry(vitex), Motherwort


  • Motherwort  best heart tonics. Motherwort is used to promote blood circulation, lower cholesterol, slow a too rapid heart rate, and relieve stress on the heart muscle. It also is diuretic, and reduces swelling, helping to lower blood pressure. Motherwort is also one of the best tonic herbs for women. Motherwort is especially valuable in a wide range of female disorders (hence the name), allaying nervous irritability and inducing quiet and passivity of the whole nervous system. I find motherwort a good remedy for those times when you feel a generalized anxiety
  • Nettle Decrease menstrual flow, slightly diuretic, provide relief from water retention, Highly nutritive; calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and silica, High in chlorophyll and vitamin C. Gentle kidney tonic, Uterine tonic, Alkalizing, Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory, and have been linked to helping: -Joint pain, Psoriasis, Osteoporosis, PMS, Hot flashes and relieves pain
  • Red Raspberry- vitamin- and mineral-rich, containing vitamins E, C and B complex, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, niacin, magnesium, and manganese. tone to the uterus and other muscles of the pelvic region, reduces pain and relaxes muscles
  • Chaste Berry “Vitex”- regulate the menstrual cycle, address dysmenorrhea and premenstrual syndrome (PMS), balance hormones, relieve PMS discomforts and pain. an herb for menopause, helping to decrease hot flashes, maintain regular cycles, and to reduce cramps, fibroids, breast lumps, and other menopausal symptoms.



Tincture: ½ -1 dropperful 2-3x a day


Do not use during pregnancy as it stimulates mild uterine contractions. Consult your doctor before taking motherwort if taking cardiac medications as motherwort may interfere Motherwort is contraindicated for women with endometriosis or fibroids and for those with hypothyroidism

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