Herbal Pillows


Homemade all natural herbal pillows


• Pick fabric (I will email you pictures of fabric that is available to pick from)
• Pick which pillow: Breathe easy or Dream pillow

• These pillows are refillable (keep the case, no need to throw away,  just order a refill if scent fades)

Filled with our herbal blend of  all natural, 100% Organic Herbs and Aromatherapy. No fillers or cotton patting
BREATHE EASY PILLOW is good for sinus, decongestant, colds or allergies
DREAM PILLOW is relaxing and calming.
*Not meant to be used as a pillow alone, but tucked inside your pillowcase underneath your head or laid upon your chest to allow the scent from the herbs to help with a better sleep.
Pillows are made up fresh at the time of order.

Additional information

Weight 2.6 lbs


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