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Liz No More Cramps
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No Cramps: My daughter and I absolutely love this tincture. We both skip over-the-counter medications and use this tincture about 2 times a day when we need it during our menstrual cycle. Not only does it help with the cramps, it helps with the bloating and other uncomfortable symptoms.
Andrea D
Andrea D
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This company offers amazing high quality and affordable products. I use the Female Balance tincture which is great. I see a difference in my menstrual cycle which is now more tolerable. I will continue using this product. Some other products I use that are amazing is Magnesium Healing spray that works wonderful for my neck pain. Also her tea blends are wonderful for overall health and they taste great.
Liz Immunity Tincture
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Immunity Tincture: My husband, daughter and myself all run to this tincture if we are feeling a little under the weather, or if we are exposed to someone who is sick. We have been doing great with this tincture, and will continue to use it when needed.
Maryann M
Maryann MNettle Tincture
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Nettle Tincture Miracle Worker! A day or two later she gave me a bottle of Nettle Tincture; told me to put a drop or two in water and drink it daily; which I did. Each day the pain subsided a little more.

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